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I Seraphic Eyes in a nutshell:

– An Italian rock band inspired by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and the 90s

– Active in the music scene for about 10 years

– 5 albums and a sixth in the works

– Almost 1 million streams with peaks of 40,000 listeners per month

– Over 100 concerts

– Participated in major events such as the 39th edition of Pistoia Blues, alongside Mark Lanegan and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

– They entertain the crowd with their own songs and famous covers from the grunge and alternative rock scene of the 90s and some 70s additions

– Currently promoting their latest EP ‘Quarantine’, released by Vrec Music Label, an album of 5 songs composed during the lockdown, well-received by industry press and has already reached 70,000 streams

The band members are:

 Alberto Marconetto – vocals and guitar

Laura Gagliardi – bass and vocals

Alessio Azzalin – drums and vocals

Some reviews:

ROCK NATION: “An EP that sounds like a full album, the intensity and quality of “Quarantine” make every minute of the short half hour listening time worth it, leaving a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.”

INDIE LIFE: “Quarantine is a concentrated dose of pure energy and the desire to turn one’s life and quarantine upside down: a breath-taking album that in every way seeks to reaffirm that rock is not yet dead, and that deep down we still have so much desire to mosh under the stage as it once was. The Seraphic Eyes confirm themselves as an extremely important band in the alternative and independent scene.”

RADIO COOP: “Very well composed and perfectly arranged songs, which also (“Little creatures”) venture into more sophisticated realms. An excellent work for a career of great depth.”


The Seraphic Eyes formed in 2011 in the aftermath of a car accident, amidst the clashing of metal, sparks, and sharp sounds.

A fortuitous incident kept Alberto at home, but it also gave him the opportunity to revive his creative project, which he had abandoned 10 years prior.

Inspired by the sounds of 90s guitar, he began working with Azza on drums and Laura on bass, shaping the deep and adrenaline-fueled rock of the Seraphic Eyes.

In 2012, they recorded Heritage, an electric EP filled with reminiscences of the band’s first incarnation in the late 90s, which received airplay on radio stations in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, Belgium, and Mexico.

In 2013, the band released an acoustic, light, and intimate EP titled Unplugged in the Kitchen, Remixed on the Couch, with minimal production in both instruments and cover art.

2016 was the year of Unity, the Seraphic Eyes’ first full-length album, featuring 12 tracks, 11 original songs and a cover of “Break On Through” by The Doors, a band they admire. The album was produced by Moreno Delsignore.

In 2017, thanks to these experiences, the band began working with Pietro Foresti on their next album, HOPE, which featured 13 original songs expressing all the group’s ideas and desire not to give up in a world often driven by a crazy compass. The album was produced by Pietro Foresti and the Seraphic Eyes, mixed by David Gnozzi and Rich Veltrop, and released by Vrec Music Label, a brand of Davvero Comunicazione.

In 2020, during the craziest year in recent history, they released QUARANTINE, an EP on our experiences, thoughts, and dreams during the strange and difficult period, which was produced by Max Zanotti, published by Vrec Music Label, and received positive reviews from rock press.


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