The art of goldsmith is the working of “raw material“, such as shaping and transforming the metal into a precious jewel. The Etruscans were among the first to deal with the making of the extracted material. Today, the world can admire the remains of the work of the Etruscans craftsmen as well as the mastery skills of the current artists who, taking advantage of their ability, indulge in creating and reproducing old jewellery such as: necklacestiarasbraceletsrings and brooches. A multitude of techniques and forms of producing precious stones, reveals the creations, which, as well as being unique, is the result of a meticulous and painstaking manual labour. And with all that, the working of the precious minerals such as: diamondsemeraldsrubies and sapphires, covers a value in demonstrating the technical creative ability of the artist at work.

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