NFT CryptoArt

NFT – the form of art of this century – comes to life in 2014.

At the New Museum in New York; thanks to godparents Anil Dash, entrepreneur and artist Kevin McCoy.

The first NFT artworks, made and placed on the market, date back to 2017.

The Artists, human beings projected to catch on early and, in any case, before any other person, understood the potential of this tool and began producing these kinds of artworks.


NFTs take their name – as an acronym – from the English expression: Not Fungible Token. They are code format certificates, that attest: ownership and authenticity of the artwork. Therefore, each NFT code, besides being unique, cannot be: replaced, reassigned or changed. The technology of NFTs, is based on Blockchain. Guaranteeing – for the artwork they refer to – authenticity, ownership and traceability.

At first, the most skeptical, gave short life to this form of Art. The Artists – gifted with “anticipatory vision” – have bet, believing in it, on the development of these artworks. Today they have a market in total and flourishing development. Suffice to say that the NFT artworks, attested today – on average – between ten and one hundred dollars, can reach quotations that for uniqueness, rarity and limitedness of the piece, a value on the market that exceeds, widely, ninety million dollars


Marco Canova NFT

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