Monica Catto | Elite Cafè

In the historic center of Desio, a stone’s throw from the Basilica, at the Elite Cafe ‘S.n.c. of Cellamare Mirko and C., in Via Olmetto, 4 continues the solo show of Monica Catto in art Catto_art until March 30, 2022.

The owners of the café are art lovers and host in their vintage-style restaurant the artists of the Desiano Artistic Group, a well-known association of the city of which Monica Catto is Vice-President.

Monica, an artist from Biella by Desiana adoption, is an active part of the artistic fabric of the city, “she is one of the most multifaceted, innovative and successful contemporary artists in the Brianza panorama and beyond”, as a recent article in the newspaper Il Giorno cites.


He has exhibited and won prizes in various countries, has seen his paintings alongside famous artists such as Dali, has fascinated audiences and critics with his reinterpretations of the Mona Lisa, now on permanent display at the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition at the Church of San Barnaba in Venice.

After the great success with his 2021 solo show in Modena at Offici Art, he offers Desio a continuation of 10 works from his Uban Impact series.

Medium-sized oil and acrylic paintings project us into Monica’s visionary space on the theme of cities. The artist expresses his vision of the city with an impressionist style, a cognitive investigation into the reality we live, between the visible and the invisible without forgetting history, trying to understand and represent how our life could evolve within them.

“Art must be accessible to everyone, I like to bring it among people, not only in galleries and art fairs but also in the streets, squares, restaurants, cafes, that’s where you find true love for ‘art “says Monica and as they write specialized sites” is among the contemporary Italian artists who has a great ability to question himself and search for new solutions both in terms of the technical-formal aspect of his painting and for the subjects taken in consideration, which are full of symbolism and conceptually demanding “.