MO DE’ Design


Founder of MO-DE’

Guido De Bernardi

For 40 years in the plastics sector, he founded Raiex spa with which he has collaborated with the main multinationals in the sector, both as a distributor and marketing manager in the Italian market. After the experience with Raiex spa ended in 2019, the desire to make known the most innovative solutions currently on the world market was born with Neatech srl. To study new products ad hoc for the customer, to develop, produce and market nanotechnological additives, to meet the constantly evolving needs of the rubber and plastic processing sector. In 2022 the idea of founding MO-DE’ was born with the collaboration of Claudio Moscatelli and Domenico Belmonte. Designing and producing handmade design objects, with 100% recycled and recyclable plastics.

Claudio Moscatelli

Decades of experience in the processing, colouring and chrome plating of design objects in both the industrial and artistic fields. Founder and CEO of CROMO DESIGN srl. A large laboratory for the design and consultancy of objects of artistic value, a subcontractor for important industrial groups linked to the design of major brands. Hence the idea of designing exclusive and unique products on the market with MO-DE’.

Domenico Belmonte

Experience in the field of technopolymer and biodegradable plastics, as technical consultancy for customers and suppliers. Expert in technologies for plastic molding and extrusion, basically dealing with the development of polymers and molds at the customer’s request. The sectors of primary importance where I have worked are: Automotive, Furniture, Medical, Fashion. I have contributed to patent-covered developments.



telefono: +39 335 6020581