Art should have no limitations.

DNheArt was born in aiming this mission, freedom of expression for established and emerging talents.

A tool that becomes a place of visibility, given in free concession to the artist who is eager to make himself known and to promote his art.

DNheArt was born from a long and refined research “on the road”.

Often, the artists, occupied in creating, do not have the time to devote themselves to the visibility required. Thus, unique and talented works remain unknown and/or not shown. Many realities of the web do not allow the possibility of being able to show their creations.
From us it is the conditio sine qua non.

The material published in DNheArt remains the exclusive intellectual property of the artist and to use popular, exclusive of the site will index globally. 

We offer to those who adhere to our project to publish his own biography, the links that lead to his personal website and/or his own contacts, which are accessible for the users.

The artist can communicate with the editoral office any news relating to his activity, which will be published in the news space and the events will be updated daily.
Consequently, anyone who is interested in purchasing the works of the artist will deal directly with the creator of the work, without any intermediary.

If by chance the video, the exclusive rights conceded to DNheArt, is published and/or distributed elsewhere, the management of the site has the rights to delete the artist immediately from the project.

Hoping to stimulate all the “galvanoplasty” minds or not, to create for us material and news related to their creations, we encourage you to take part in our chorus slogan “Interesting art for demanding people”.
So, good art to you all from DNheArt.

Find out immediately how easy it is to be part of the free DNheArt project.