Mike Spina | Airbrush Artist


My name is Mike Spina and the fulcrum of my artistic activity is painting, with a brush or  airbrush,on canvas or any other support that lends itself to portray my subjects. My passion for custom bikes, mainly the legendary Harley Davidson, is the main source of my pictorial inspirations.  

Self-taught,from a very young age I first began to draw in pencil,creating portraits,then in 2001 I tried my hand at the airbrush in the first ,airbrushing on helmets and motorcycles, becoming so passionate about the custom world that I also made some accessories on japan and Harley Davidson.

My first customizzation was born in 2002 on a Yamaha Drag Star base, giving vent to my art from A to Z, painting and building my motorcycles. I took part in numerous contest and bike show with considerable satisfaction and exellent results, especially with the  latest creation awarded at the MBE in Verona.

Obviously, in addition to airbrushing on motorcycles, I also deal with other artistic works. At the request of customers I also make portraits , trompe l’oeil or industrial style furnishing objetcts..For those interested in buyng or having my works created ,you can find me in the contacts below.


email jmsspina74@gmail.com

mobile: +39 347 9188400


Instagram (_the_mike_spina)