Make-up Artist

Social class, worship, ethnicity and religions – have always had the lowest common denominator: the desire for beauty.

Since ancient times, women and men have sought after and pursued the need to appear more keen.

From the refinement to create wavy hair in the Doric age, in reverse, testimony of the customization of the body are present in prehistoric graffiti.

Basically: style, flair, imagination and creativity, have characterized the search for civilization towards beauty. Action and expression to manifest joy and pain. From social events of aggregation to funeral processions.


In ancient Egypt, in eighteenth-century in France, among tribal populations and with the advent of cinema, makeup has pursued the aim of uniqueness and personalization of the individual. Outlining this form of art and directing it to refine more and more.

The first woman in the history of mankind to be considered an icon of beauty was the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Thanks to her, the care of the beauty of the body experienced a “level” passage. From elevated, to elevated and evolved. Behind the profession of “applying make-up”, there is a real form of art: known as Make-up Artist.

The figure of the Make-up Artist takes shape in the middle of the last century. Proof of that cultural heritage, the influence of cinema and the desire for beauty: they have created an industry that generates turnovers of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.


Giorgia Rigano

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