Luisella Giletti | Painter


I was born in Biella on the 4th August 1970.

I love drawing since I was a child and I have been tried my hand at it, as many children do.

As I grew up, I chose to graduate as a textile expert to persue my dream of working in the fashion industry. So I took a chance by attending a school in Milan as a theatre costume designer and by undertaking some work experiences as an assistant stylist and as a trainee in a style studio in Biella.

Then, at the age of twentyseven, I gave up the idea, a little embittered, and turned my mind to something else. I joined a theatre course and for fifteen years I acted in this theatre company, thus keeping my artistic spirit alive.

In 2020 the world stop occurred and I found I was also stopped, inevitably stuck, freezed… and so I revived my creativity and I returned to painting, choosing acrylics, and voilà, that was all.

I have worked on it as much as I could and I have realised that, once again, art is nourishment for the soul.



tel:+39 335 671 5487