It’s the complete FORMAT.  A 3-HOUR SHOW, full of energy, a mix of music and fun with great audience engagement, supported on stage by ANIMATION LADIES K and an audio/light service with HIGH-IMPACT SCENIC AND CHOREOGRAPHIC EFFECTS. Plus, the extraordinary performances of international artists: WAREZ ROBOT and 2Be-KING!

The biggest HITS from the 90s to today.

The musical offering starts with hits from the 90s-2000s and goes up to TODAY’S HITS, covering most genres (commercial, dance, house, techno, trap, reggaeton, etc.), highlighting everything that “makes the party”: pop and rock of all times, Italian music, and group dances.

Scenic and choreographic effects of great impact.

Mega LED wall screens, sparkular, confetti, smoke machines, etc., with LIVE VIDEO of the evening in real time on large screens and on our social channels.

Professional video/photographic service enhanced by the use of a drone for aerial shots.


It’s the “modular” format that offers adjustable costs, components, artistic, and technical features according to your needs.

The musical offering ranges from the hits of the 90s-2000s to TODAY’S HITS, touching on most genres (commercial, dance, house, techno, trap, reggaeton, etc.).


The representation of the SHOW par excellence, in a genuine festival of LEGENDARY national and international successes that have made the history of Italian and international music, pop, disco & dance!

Moreover, THE LEGENDARY also live on RADIO VIDA NETWORK during the pre-show and throughout the duration of the show, to advertise the location and promote the event.

Project in collaboration with ASSOCIAZIONE DISCOVINTAGE.

– Weddings, birthdays, and private parties, corporate dinners and parties, brand presentations, conferences, etc.

Our DJs (also as hosts) with all the professionalism, experience, and technical equipment necessary to make your event unforgettable!

Organization, logistics, audio and light systems, effects, and of course the music: personalized music selection and consultation and an unlimited repertoire in the original version for your ceremony, with the right entertainment to engage all guests.

Beppe Borgazzi

Beppe Borgazzi developed his passion for music at the age of 14 as a fun hobby, and now, after more than thirty years in the industry, he continues to thrive with a desire to keep playing and reintroducing music from the 70s to the present while always adding new musical innovations. He has performed in numerous nightclubs, public squares, and on the radio.


Sergio Datta

A DJ in nightclubs and on the radio, composer, and producer since the early 80s, Sergio Datta has continually evolved, never limiting himself to a single genre. He has been a resident or guest DJ at many prominent venues and events. He has over 50 record productions to his name, including notable collaborations with Gigi D’Agostino, as well as various remixes, bootlegs, and mashups.


Maurizio De Stefani

Since 1978, Maurizio De Stefani has been involved in radio, nightclubs, and events, playing all the danceable music from the 70s to today. He has produced around fifty record productions and has participated in RAI television music programs.


Kristian Rovier

Since 1989, Kristian Rovier has been a radio DJ and a club DJ at events, particularly in the highly popular “House Sensation” and “I love the 90s” trends. He has several house, dance, and remix bootleg productions of Italian and international artists to his credit.



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+39 3356836065