The Art of Entertainment

As a form of Art – that of entertaining – it has distant roots. Just think of the tribal societies around the campfire. Where: the elderly village healer, the hunter, the storyteller and the warrior would sit down and gather all the members of the tribe to tell them stories and bring up past and recent events.

Going through the Olympic Games and the Ludi Gladiatorii, as forms of Art, the aim was gathering and entertaining the population. Even to the present day. There have been many aspects that have involved various forms of art to refine what is now called the art of entertainment.

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The art of storytelling, the art of personal care, circus art, these art forms – over the millennia – have commonly developed the aim of aggregating and entertaining humanity. Having the purpose, at the same time, of attracting towards commonly sharing the enjoyment of “something” and the pleasure of light-heartedness.

In the Baroque era with orchestral music. In the seventeenth century with the theatre. Towards the end of the same century with chamber music. And finally – in the second half of the decade of the 70s of the twentieth century – the discotheque. All these forms of entertainment have helped to diversify and develop the principle of our ancestors. Namely, where the ultimate goal is: shared well-being.



Alex Zanuto
Seraphic Eyes

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