Greta Madeddu | Painter


My name is Greta. I am 14 years old and I live in Pesaro, a city that feeds my inspiration and my desire to explore the world of art every day . Currently, I am a student at the “F. Mengaroni” Art Institute in Pesaro, a school that brings me closer every day to my dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. Since I was young, drawing has been my safe place and the way I prefer to express feelings or emotions that I find difficult to communicate with words. Holding a pencil in my hand, I feel free to explore my inner world and give shape to my deepest thoughts. My passion is so intense that I even wished to skip middle school to start my journey in art school immediately. I take every opportunity to learn new techniques and experiment with different materials, hoping that one day my determination will allow me to turn my passion into a real career. So, here I am, ready and excited to start getting to know myself better to build my future right from the start.


Tel: +39 371 6398574

Instagram: gretaa_009