Elisabetta Angrisani | Painter


“I was born in Chivasso (TO) in 1965, since I was young I always had the passion for the painting and every form of art with its nuances that take me to invent, build, create and draw. Only during the adult age I improved the art of painting thanks to precious advices of a painter friend who helped me to learn the techniques and colors.

I never had the possibility to attend academies or art schools, that’s the reason why I consider myself an autodidact.

I have a great sensibility and I found in colors the way to express my emotions and capture moments of life ranging from portraits to images of daily life.

Realism is the artistic movement in which I fell more represented, although in my recent works I rediscovered an inclination to the abstract expression.

When I start a new job the emotions are varied, it’ like entering in the canvas forgetting all the problems and feeling only the paint brush and the colors, which sliding on the white canvas give it life.”

Elisabetta Angrisani


+39 340 820 8573