engineering design, minimalism, car design, industrial design  Interior design , flower design , cake design …… design has infinite possibilities of development and realization starting from the most conventional design of an architect , to get to a thousand sectors in which the common thread is aesthetics.

Aesthetics = Sensuality

Aesthetic  =Perception

Aesthetic  = Elite        


Aesthetics = Scale, Form

Aesthetics = Subjectivity

Aesthetics = Harmony

Aesthetics = Cosmetics

Aesthetics = poietic ( creative )

Aesthetics = Compliance

Aesthetic  =  sensitivity

Aesthetics = Virtuality

 Leonardo da Vinci , in the fifteenth century , wrote : ” All our knowledge is built on perception.”

“Perception Hume “ John Locke ” Every mind perceives a different beauty “

Aristotele tried to define the relationship between the artist , the artwork and the viewer or consumer art . Included sensory perception , such as the interaction between order , balance and limitation and to do so he used the terms.


Poiesis describes the artist’s subjective contribution to artistic production .

Mimesis means the expression of the work itself , separated by the artist.

Katharsis has to do with the effect : as the work of art is perceived by the public .

The creativity of the designer ‘s aesthetic awareness as a whole , can create a project to express it , taking into account the taste and the modern in every nuance and sector in which it is applied and implemented .


Viviana Furlanetto


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