Gianluca Bagliani | Sculptor


“An existence entirely reflected in the art of sculpture: powerful, figurative and expressive”, as defined by Paolo Berti, a respected art critic and director of the National Exhibition Contemporary Arts-Centro Prize) the artist Gianluca Bagliani. Born in Rome (15-05-1975) but strongly linked to Soriano

in Cimino, an enchanted village in the province of Viterbo, where in his workshop he has produced some of his most evocative works, such as the portraits of Luigi Pirandello, Fabrizio De André, Eduardo De Filippo and Pier Paolo Pasolini.In these places his precocious innate and visceral vocation for the art of modelling material, which led him to pursue artistic studies, attending first the Artistic High School and then the Academy of Fine Arts in

Rome, where he met Professor Antonio Casillo, a valid teacher and friend. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and set up also personal shows to which he has received positive criticism also from distant countries, where his terracottas are on display, such as Plano Texas (USA) and China, where the art critic Wang has expressly praised his works.

Bagliani wants to go beyond the boundary between appearance and essence; he bravely attempts this journey through his art, through a perceptive research of the personalities he chooses to portray, modeling their faces in a sort of empathic transference of their experience, seeking in those particular expressiveness a reflection of the intimate essence.

Starting from a tangible realism, his research crosses the frontiers of realism, traveling through esoteric philosophical figures, from the sacred to the profane (like the songs of

De André) to search for hidden truths… to extrapolate, through art, the mystery of the unconscious.


•1998 Boston- Taft University- “Meeting of trends”

•1998 Prague- Academy of Glass- “From Kafka’s Bridge to the borders “

•2002 San Venanzio- Statue of Padre Pio for

 the convent “The missionaries of Christ”

•2003 Cannes- Chateau collective exhibition of napoule Cannes in France

•2004 Soriano nel Cimino- Posing of the monument to Luigi Pirandello

•2004 Soriano nel Cimino – Solo exhibition “Reminiscences from the hands”

•2005 Rome Galleria Giulia-collective “Meeting of generations”

•2007 Rome- Award for the State Police

•2009 Rome- Memorial monument commemorating the fallen law enforcement

•2009 Rome- Persephone Prize (Theather Award)- Campidoglio

•2010 Rome- Persefone Prize (Theather Award)- Villa Torlonia

•2011 Caprarola- Premio Centro (Art Award)

•2011 Chia- Posing of the monument to Pier Paolo Pasolini

•2012 Soriano nel Cimino -Solo exhibition “La caduta dell’Idea”

•2019 Roma Trastevere- Posing of the monument to Anna Magnani.

•2022 Roma Testaccio – Posing of the monument to Gabriella Ferri.



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