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Viviana Furlanetto Vion Design


Art Director and Founder of Vion Design.

Since July 7 2011 she is working at a new hybrid way between art & design, the products are derived using a very light blade. They are based on the concept “You can not separate the body from the light contained within”.

Vion Design is the brainchild of Viviana Furlanetto. She wanted to dedicate the line of products in memory of a very dear person. “I thought in the light of the spirit as the body. The light as soul”. In the future, all Vion Design products will continue to be based on cut, the concept of absence of material, such as division, and the element of continuity and unity.

The ceramic material composing the figurative pieces signed Vion Design, is ispired at the Pop Culture, is reinterpreted with the insertion of LED technology for the illumination.

Viviana Furlanetto Vion Design


La Colombe d’Or Gigi

“ heart throbbing on its way to its beloved”.

The pigeon traveler is a variety of domestic pigeon derived from the eastern wild pigeon, genetically selected for its ability to find the way home from very high distances. 

The pigeon traveler has an innate sense of orientation that allows him to return to his nest using the phenomenon of magnetoricezione.

Thanks to its ability to orientate and travel far in the past it was used to carry messages from one place to another and the term that indicated these messages is a colombigram.

La Combe d’Or Gigi is the lovers tribute to all your special colombigrams. 

Heart in shiny red glass inside. 

Switch on with your touch – heart Dimmer switch sensor lamp (dimension: L.40 x P.14 x H.24 cm (15.74 x 5.51 x 9.44 inches), weight: 1.0 Kg (2.2 lbs), frosted glass)

Viviana Furlanetto – Vion Design


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