Valeria Ferrero | Sculptor


Valeria Ferrero – born in Biella (IT) in 1988. She graduated in sculpture in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, and in the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan.


2023 “Error 404 – Art not found?”, Curated by Marco Luca Greppi, SPAZIO100 Gallery, Torino (IT)

2022 “Nuove Radici 2.0”, Curated by Dina Pierallini e Valentina Redditi, Villa Cernigliaro, Sordevolo (IT)

“Charta, rassegna di opere su carta”, Curated by Karin Reisnova, Areactreativa42 Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese (IT)
Personal exhibition “Il potere delle idee”, Curated by Marco Luca Greppi, SPAZIO100 Gallery, Torino (IT).
 “Arte e design per la tutela dell’ambiente”, Fondazione Pescarabruzzo, Pescara (IT).

Personal exhibition“Intuitions”, Curated by Marco Luca Greppi, SPAZIO100 Gallery, Torino (IT).
“Hambient OGM”, Curated by Marco Luca Greppi, SPAZIO100 Gallery, Torino (IT).

2014 “Place to be”, NICE (Paratissima 2014), Curated by Sara Covanti and Valeria Amalfitano, Torino Esposizioni, Torino (IT).


“La forza e la passione, Premio OPERA 2014”, Curated by Daniele Casadio, CGIL, Ravenna (IT).

– “Arts festival in Bologna”, Curated by Alessio Boschi and Silvana Boschi Pelle, De Marchi Gallery, Bologna (IT)
– “Tian Qi art contest. The beauty: an objectivity that sees”, Milan (IT)
– “Best of SaturArte and SaturaPrize”, curated by Andrea Rossetti, Palazzo Stella, Genova (IT)

– “Spirit and matter”, Curated by Aldo Ferrero and Raffaele Mondazzi, Brotherhood of Mercy, Mondovì (IT)
– “SaturArte’s national competition for contemporary art”, Curated by Mario Napoli and Mario Pepe, Satura Art Gallery, Genova (IT)
– “Psychological portrait”, Curated by Karin Reisova Chiono, Fabio Cafagna, Erika Cristina and Beatrice Zanelli, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese (IT).

– “See through the hands, the use of sculpture between touch and vision”, Curated by Ferdinando Ceccato, Geremia-Palace, Trento (IT)

– “Nature or sustainability?”, Peano’s Foundation, Cuneo (IT)
– “First international prize in painting, sculpture and graphics New York City”, Curated by Rosario Scrivano, La Spadarina Gallery, Piacenza (IT)

– “SalernoInVita – National meeting of youth creativity”, Monumental Complex of Santa Sofia, Salerno (IT)


2011 “XVI National Competition of Contemporary Art SaturArte 2011” – second place.

2010 International sculpture contest “See through the hands, the use of sculpture between touch and vision” – signaling of merit.

National competition “In the drawer of memories” – critics award. 2006 Sculpture competition organized by the association “Vernato Arte”, Biella – second place.


Valeria Ferrero’s artistic research is moving from a phase of strong testing and research, to the definition of a more outlined and unique course, based on the representation of both figurative and abstract elements. On the one hand there is the desire to seek the perfection of form, through the golden ratio and curved lines, on the other hand there is a strong fascination with human figure, stripped in daily attitudes. The search for harmony and beauty is what most distinguishes the art of this young artist, who tries to create continuous emotional suspensions, looking for an ecstatic and emotional sense.


Valeria Ferrero 

+39 349 435 8723