Ughetta Dallimonti | Poetess Painter


Since I was a child the desire to draw has never abandoned me, consequently the choice of art school, graphics, and then to London where between music, art, dancing, studying, assimilating various cultures and dealing with this eclectic city, it gave me the opportunity to cultivate my passion, looking for sources of inspiration, to make myself known and exhibited.

I have participated in various exhibitions, of highlight The Bloomsbury art fest, and various art projects.

After almost twenty years I moved to Copenhagen where I actually live, continuing with my creative path, I decided to publish my first book, thus creating a project that had inspired me for some time: combining drawing with words.

My favourite media are watercolor, gouache, pens and after a recent course I started a new series of paintings related to my book with the “ink flow” technique.

One of the subjects that I love most to paint is the figure, I have developed my own style, where the subjects are abstract.

immersed in the magical shades of the night:

moonlight, twilight, candlelight, a dark night, the light of a lamp.

My sources of inspiration are music, reading, dance, and finally the most profound personal experiences.

I have developed a style where figures and images inhabit hidden places or dreams, compositions that create an inner narrative and give a springboard to one’s stories and emotions.


Blue like midnight by Ughetta