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Stefano Ceretti, born in 1968, pro-photographer since 1992, is the author of collections of images exhibited in Italy and abroad (“Voli-Flights”, a photographic book that tells the life of the seagulls of  Viverone Lake in the autumn period and “Black Hands White”, a series of 45 pics that tells about his way to fight against a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma between 2001 and 2002).

While he continued to deal with “commercial” photography, he learned to develop the most emotional aspect of his character; hence an ever growing sensitivity made of great attention to detail, from those of a landscape to those of a glance in a portrait.

Since 2021 he has paid particular attention to two projects: #SMALLDETAILS (photographs in which very small subjects “stand out” in a very broad context with the aim of accustoming the observer’s gaze to immediately grasping the essential) and #VOLTISTAMPATI (portraits taken in study chosen, printed and framed at the same time as the shooting: very interesting, in this case, to note the reactions of the subjects photographed at the time of choice but, above all, at the time of delivery of the finished product). 

EMOTION is the keyword of his creativity.


I have been working, for some years now, on the application of Street-Photography to advertising and corporate photography.

This is because I believe (and the market surveys carried out by the largest companies specialized in this prove it) that today’s world is much more disenchanted than the “patinated” one a few years ago and because of this you need images that are a faithful reflection of reality, that reality that the human eye sees and now every smartphone reproduces and repeats.

With this in mind, after starting to photograph people extemporaneously around the world and creating my artistic project #FEELPEOPLE® I decided that the concept of #FEEL should be the main theme of my work: a real and emotional interpretation of every assignment to give back an undistorted image of what surrounds us all. 

Each product (understood at 360 °: a production chain, a finished product, a concept) is thus shown in a non-artifactual way and understood for what it will really give to its users precisely because represented in a very similar way to how they see the reality that surrounds them every day.

The added value is given by my emotional interpretation, by my #FEEL.

This is what I propose. Telling yourself exciting, captivating with real images that strike the heart creating empathy.

Artistic Profile


BLACK HANDS WHITE (photographs exhibited in Berlin in 2012 and in New York in 2014)

#FEELPEOPLE feelpeople.us


Portraits of people posing and rigorously so aware of being photographed .
the style is that of Street -Photography that all images are captured using ambient light and ( apparently ) no special care for backgrounds or environments : it is sufficient that the person catches my attention and let you photograph.


Because it is an interesting challenge .
I love the picture , I feel ( ” I feel” , in fact) closer to the people and the more this closeness seems difficult to achieve much the same again quite like in that moment is reached.

I want to walk the streets with my camera around his neck and capture anyone who accepts to pose. Who will photograph will ” unveil the self .” Who will see my work will have to “feel ” the sensations that were mine when shooting .

Stefano Ceretti


Mob./Whatsapp: +39 331 4081530

Mail: stefanoceretti@gmail.com

IG: @stefanoceretti