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Paolo Maser | Applied Art


The ‘common furniture of the 20th century does not reach significant commercial values that can be compared to antique’s high time. In fact, most of these furnishings are of excellent workmanship, made with excellent materials (healthy), assembled with excellent technical, resistant to wear, solid, more than those made by large retailers today. RV’s art can give new life to these furnishings. It can illuminate then with the magic of color it can customize every single piece to make it unique. In this way they can be inserted in all environments, from classic to contemporary. Time improves the quality, so RV laboratory suggests the “reuse” of these “mobile” which already have a vintage charm. RV 20th century is Paolo Maser artistic initiative. He is an internal decorator and he’s painter as well with decades of experience. He matured and developed his technique both academically and “in the field” because of his family, father and his grandfather, were masters of art. The large variety of working experiences in this artistic area combined with purely decorative gave rise to this new artistic expression called “Revisionismo Vintage”.


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