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Monica Catto was born in Biella, lives and works in Desio (Monza and Brianza).

Always fascinated by painting and art, Monica Catto began painting as a teenager observing the teachings of her paternal grandfather, then her father and aunt.

The ten-year attendance of the studio of the Desiano painter Umberto Galliani was decisive.

The desire to express her thought was the impetus to undertake her path as a painter expressing through a personal language her perception of lived reality.

An evolutionary path made of communicative necessity, awareness, transformation, experimentation and critical sense.

Urban impact” is a path of paintings whose subjects are the metropolises in which we live, made of physical places and a multitude of flows in continuous interaction with each other. A cognitive investigation between past and future that face each other in a narrative journey through “shots” of brushstrokes, sometimes sharp to elusive turns, which find inspiration in “The invisible cities” by Italo Calvino.


Monica includes in her way the culture of painting. It captures the need for communication and the search for detail. The desire to capture the form, transforms the mental effort, into matter, into the root of life.

Monica, a person herself visible, contemplable in her work, impartial in her role as an artist. Face steps and returns to order without simulation. She immerses herself in research with rigor, with in-depth returns, she does not tame experimentation.

The mind, the hand, the body of this artist, face the substance of matter and color with order and understanding.

Far from the simulations of scenographic reality, Monica Catto is immersed in a pictorial dimension.

(Cristiano Plicato painter and curator of the Scalvini donation)

Monica Catto is among the contemporary Italian artists who has great ability to question herself and search for new solutions across the board, both as regards the technical-formal aspect of her painting, and for the subjects taken into consideration, she has evolved artistically in a few years from an intense and pleasant figurative landscape and portraiture to a sort of singular figurative-informal dense with symbolism and conceptually more challenging.

This new and fresh creative wind includes the works of the “Urban Impact” cycle, a series of strong and dry views of our metropolises with all their charm and their pitfalls, as the artist herself says, “the city, a metropolis that looms over man but that he wants to dominate. The city as a factory of meanings able to justify the past and shape the future”…

(prof. Silvano Valentini – art critic)

I had the pleasure of first meeting the person Monica Catto for a lucky case of coincidences that took place during the year on the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci and I had the pleasant feeling right away of his human reality so direct, sincere, transparent and engaging that led me by intellectual chemical affinity to better understand the artist Monica Catto.

I listened to the path of this artist, and observed with due attention her canvases, where you can see her continuous research in wanting to show in a unique way her conceptual artistic vision, informal in some ways sometimes even abstract on the world of human civilization; that civilization that often makes us probably more comfortable, but certainly more slaves.

Monica Loves to paint often in her Urban Impact the moment of sunset or evening where the street lamps and the lights of the buildings create a suggestive atmosphere that brings us back to the wonderful nineteenth-century English urban paintings creating a sort of continuous time jump between past, present and future that can develop in our megacities.
But her research does not stop at painting alone, but goes further, exploring the digital world and video art, where she uses her works as protagonists of the short film that she wants to realize by directly expressing a story that concerns his thought, the art exhibited at that time and the main actress and her often inserting herself within the performance that creates further charges with her presence the concept that she wants to give to the public, giving a suggestive and personal idea of contemporary art. Monica Catto is definitely an artist to follow.
Valerio Lombardo
President of the Artemilo 1941 Association


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Solo exhibitions – group exhibitions

2002 – Salone Manzotti of the Pro Desio Cooperative – Desio
2004 – Collective Ass. Paint Together – Caffè Incontri – Desio
2004/2007 – Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation “Rotonda” of Villa Cagnola – Inverigo (Co)
2005 – Painting competition “La Tegola” Painting Together Association – Desio
2006 – “Colori in Rosa” – Caffè Incontri – Desio
2006 – 1st edition of the “Don Gnocchi” painting prize in the 50th anniversary of death – Inverigo (Co)
2006 – Expo Arte Corvetto – Milan
2006 – IX Competition – Villa Casana – Novedrate (Co)
2004/2006/2007 – Painting Competition Sanctuary of Graglia (BI)
2007 – “Arte in Rosa” – Caffè Incontri
2007 – Painting Competition “La Tegola” Painting Together Association – Desio
2007 – Collective in the open air in Piazza Martiri di Fossoli – Desio
2008 – XI Competition of impromptu painting – Villa Casana – Novedrate
2008/2009/2010/2011 – “Painters in the palace” Palazzo Arese Borromeo – Cesano Maderno
2008/2009 – Competition Municipality of Guanzate Association of friends of the Sanctuary Guanzate (CO)
2008/2009 Art review “en plein air” Cultural Center Gabrio Casati di Muggiò
2008 – Personal – Room “Carlo Levi” – Desio
2009 – “Desio, the square and the Palio” – Villa Tittoni Traversi – Desio
2009 – exhibition in Piazza Castello – Desio – Ass. GAD
2009 – impromptu along Via Garibaldi – Desio – Ass. GAD
2009 – Painting Competition 50th Anniversary Avis di Muggiò – with the work “a drop is the beginning” plaque of merit “for the incisiveness it links to the essential choice of the content in a context of serenity”
2009 – Artisti in Borgo c / o Ricetto di Candelo (BI)
2009 – Painting Competition in Cazzano Brianza (MB)
2010 – “Landscape and Figure in today’s art” – Palazzo Arese Borromeo di Cesano Maderno (Mb) -Ass. GAD
2010 – “Images and memories and corners of Desio – Ass. GAD – Desio
2011 June – Spaces of Art – Cafè del Centro – Desio – Ass. GAD
2011 September – Spaces of Art – Cafè del Centro – Desio – Ass. GAD
2011 May “Freedom of thought and expression” Ass. GAD – Villa Buttafava – Desio
2011 – “Colors for passion” – Courtyard of the Arts – Desio
2011 – October – Desio Festival – Piazza Conciliazione
2011 – December – collective GAD at the CORTE BRIANTEA via Italia 70, MUGGIO ‘.

2018 – 1st 2018 ArtSlant Prize Shoowcase – vincitrice nella categoria dipinti con l’opera “The Bridge”

2018 –Light Space & Time – Online Art Gallery – HON.MENTION – con l’opera “Last Light”  SPECIAL MERIT CATEGORY – con l’opera “the bridge 2” – selezionata tra i 50 finalisti su  596 partecipanti 

2017 -Artavita’s 25th Online Art Contest -535 artisti hanno partecipato. Monica Catto è stata selezionata tra i 50 finalisti su 535 partecipanti con l’opera “the bridge” 

2016 – Esposta e pubblicata sul catalogo di INTERNATIONART IN VENICE – Venezia – Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi – Cannaregio – 40132 – Direttore Artistico Fausto Brozzi 

2017 – finalista al premio Mestre di pittura – esposto alla galleria  D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery, in via Dante 8 a Mestre – D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery, in via Dante 8 a Mestre – 

2020 – febbraio – special recognition on Light Space & Time – Online Art Gallery –10ty Citysscape Art Exhibition 

2020 – Puntata 0.11 Schegge dell’arte, paesaggi notturni e città moderne che sembrano troppo per crederli veri; così complicati, immensi, insondabili. 
Sono così belli entrambi i paesaggi, canyon d’ombra e di luce, scoppi di luci sulle facciate in cristallo, e il crepuscolo rosa che incorona tutto, come ombre senza sfondo drappeggiate su potenti abissi. 


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