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Monica Catto | Painter


Monica Catto was born in Biella. She lives and works in Desio.
Since when she was a little girl she has always had a great colour sense. She has always been fascinated by painting and she started her painting when she was a teenager. She opened her own path thanks to what her paternal grandfather, her father and her aunt taught her, while devoting herself to art in the interstices of life.
Monica is a sunny painter, proud of her origins rooted in the Piedmontese town of Biella, where she was born and that is always in her heart; in her paintings Monica transfers a reproduction of her town for which a nostalgic sense of belonging is evident.
Her presence as member and counsellor of “Dipingere Insieme”, a cultural association of Desio, was crucial to her: under the supervision of Umberto Galliani, her master, she learns the correct use of colour and drawing techniques.

“Monica’s painting is made of simple elements and stands out for being clean in tones and chromatic vision while her imaginative drawing celebrates the shapes in the happiest way this word can express. She is a painter rich in expressionist abilities”.
Umberto Galliani

As a matter of fact, Monica tackles numerous subjects as, at times, her inspiration comes from the places she has visited, where her sensitive nature can capture the atmosphere, the sensations and the freshness of a woman who lives her life with curiosity, by completely relishing any emotion and reproducing it on the canvas through her memories and her fanciful world. Earth tones and phtalo blue are her favourite colours that, when skilfully mixed together, can lighten the canvas background with pleasant flashes of colours.

“The beautiful paintings by Monica Catto, a young artist member of Dipingere Insieme, a cultural association of Desio, are mainly oil on canvas or, at times, oil on wood or on board. They are particularly enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view and very interesting for their composing and chromatic choices, always well balanced and elegant and resulting from the passion she has been cultivating since her early age, when she used to look at her grandfather, her father and her aunt while painting. She has been able to draw her inspiration from the impressionists and, above all, from the great 19th century Piedmontese naturalist artist Lorenzo Delleani.
Their big variety in themes marks them out; all of them are of high artistic profile and they always have the same “narration” power, the same expression force, ranging from still lifes to rural and Alps landscapes, from town views to seascapes, from floral compositions to the human figure. Furthermore, they stand out for their skilful and harmonious blending of her subject basic realism, a deeper inner feeling of participation in the external world beauty and a well balanced metaphoric transposition of the same reality. Among the most recent and significant works of Monica Catto, we can mention, as a mere example, the striking views of the most distinctive medieval corners of “Piazzo” in Biella, the town particularly dear to the artist, as well as “Cantiere a Venezia” (Shipyard in Venice), “La neve” (The Snow) and “Le mondine” (The Rice Weeders), three paintings with an almost naïf flavour; a rushing “Mare forza 5” (Sea State 5) whose palette of colours is unusual and totally surreal; the colourful seascape triptych “Marine” (Seascapes); the fairy-tale “Paesaggi di terre lontane” (Landscapes of Far Away Lands); a vivid and surreal “Campo di grano” (Wheat Field); the sober floral compositions dedicated to sunflowers “Girasoli” (Sunflowers); the sunny landscapes of the Biella plain in “Pianura biellese” (Biella Plain) and of the Alps in “Paesaggio alpino” (Alps Landscape); a dark “Temporale in arrivo al cascinale” (Storm Coming to the Farmstead); a delicate “Natura morta” (Still Life) with a basket of fruit and, as a worthy and dutiful tribute to Delleani, “La pittrice” (The Painter).
As the artist said, “Monica Catto’s art is the quest for naturalness in her vision and painting, not only based on the mere reproduction but also and mainly on the individual impression of the subject, with the aim of translating a natural reality whose task is to communicate emotions and sensations through a careful study of colours, indissolubly linked in their nuances with light”.
Silvano Valentini – Art critic

Mostre personali – mostre collettive – concorsi – prossimi eventi

Collettive annuali (dal 2000 al 2009) dell’Ass. culturale Dipingere Insieme (Via Roma e presso ex Palazzo Cremonini)

2002 – Salone Manzotti della Pro Desio Cooperativa – Desio
2004 – Collettiva Ass. Dipingere Insieme – Caffè Incontri – Desio
2004/2007 – Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi “ Rotonda” di Villa Cagnola – Inverigo (Co)
2005 – Concorso di pittura “La Tegola” Ass. Dipingere Insieme – Desio
2006 – “Colori in Rosa” – Caffè Incontri – Desio
2006 – 1^edizione premio di pittura “Don Gnocchi” nel 50^ della morte – Inverigo (Co)
2006 – Expo Arte Corvetto – Milano
2006 – IX Concorso – Villa Casana – Novedrate (Co)
2004/2006/2007 – Concorso di pittura Santuario di Graglia (BI)
2007 – “Arte in Rosa” – Caffè Incontri
2007 – Concorso di pittura “La Tegola” Ass. Dipingere Insieme – Desio
2007 – Collettiva a cielo aperto in Piazza Martiri di Fossoli – Desio
2008 – XI Concorso di pittura estemporanea – Villa Casana – Novedrate
2008/2009/2010/2011 – “Pittori a palazzo” Palazzo Arese Borromeo – Cesano Maderno
2008/2009 – Concorso Comune di Guanzate Associazione amici del Santario Guanzate (CO)
2008/2009 Rassegna d’arte “en plein air” Centro Culturale Gabrio Casati di Muggiò
2008 – Personale – Sala “Carlo Levi” – Desio
2009 – “Desio , La Piazza e il Palio” – Villa Tittoni Traversi – Desio
2009 – mostra in Piazza Castello – Desio – Ass. G.A.D.
2009 – estemporanea lungo la Via Garibaldi – Desio – Ass. G.A.D.
2009 – Concorso Pittorico 50^ Anniversario Avis di Muggiò – con l’opera “una goccia è l’inizio” targa di merito “per l’incisività legala alla scelta essenziale del contenuto in un contesto di serenità”
2009 – Artisti in Borgo c/o Ricetto di Candelo (BI)
2009 – Concorso Pittorico a Cazzano Brianza (MB)
2010 – “Paesaggio e Figura nell’arte di oggi” – Palazzo Arese Borromeo di Cesano Maderno (Mb) -Ass. G.A.D
2010 – “Immagini e ricordi e angoli di Desio – Ass. G.A.D. – Desio
2011 Giugno – Spazi d’Arte – Cafè del Centro – Desio – Ass. G.A.D
2011 Settembre – Spazi d’Arte – Cafè del Centro – Desio – Ass. G.A.D
2011 Maggio “Liberta’ di pensiero e di espressione” Ass. G.A.D – Villa Buttafava – Desio
2011 – “Colori per passione “ – Cortile delle Arti – Desio
2011 – Ottobre – Festa di Desio – Piazza Conciliazione
2011 – Dicembre – collettiva G.A.D. alla CORTE BRIANTEA via Italia 70, MUGGIO’.

2015 – Marzo VeniceArtHouse MOVE WITHOUT MOVING dal 16 al 21 Marzo 2015 – Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi – Cannaregio 4132 – VENEZIA RESIDENCES, VENEZIA, 16 MARZO 2015

L’opera d’arte è sempre una confessione (SABA)
The opening of the event will be on April 10, 2015 at VENICE ART HOUSE Gallery, starting from 06.00 PM (free entry)
curator: Andrea Chinellato
venue: VENICE ART HOUSE Gallery, Cannaregio 1863C – 30121 Venice, Italy
dates: from the 10th to the 30th of April 2015; from 03.00 PM 09.00 PM

From January 2011 to date, Monica Catto is Deputy President of Gruppo Artistico Desiano (G.A.D. – Artistic Group of Desio)




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