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Marco Lay | Painter

Marco Lay was born in Sassari in 1957, where he lives and works. He is a graduate of the State Art Institute of Sassari and received his university degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari with a final score of 110 cum laude out of 110.
An accomplished teacher, painter and graphic artist, he favors the use of oil painting techniques in his work.
His artistic training included the study and observation of the great Italian and French masters of the twentieth century, with particular attention to the great lessons of Cézanne.

He is always in search of the color of light and the hues within that light: he is able to capture it as it shudders through the branches of trees or as it sighs among the cumulus clouds; as it gently touches the profile of a moored boat or a beach flooded by the last shadowy evening light. When color is able to transcend the confines of contour and drawing, it almost pierces the landscape of universal human emotion. The scenery, coastline, sky and vegetation seek out space and artistic elaboration; they sing poetry and drama; they venture into dream-like sensations and sometimes into tragic reality as well. Marco Lay believes in the artistic horizon: what counts the most is the relationship between shape, light and color, which is dictated not so much by the concrete reality of an object but rather by its free interpretation and its place in the human dimension. Through art there can be a process of identification; color and form reflect the artist’s journey and relationship with what exists beyond the confines of his being.  Marco’s message always calls out to nature, particularly the landscapes that characterize his native land, the island of Sardinia: a maelstrom of shades and emotions that reflect the soul in all its colors.

Marco Lay has organized large exhibitions of his work in galleries and public venues, and his paintings are part of a number of private and public collections.


Studio: Via Dolcetta, 5 – SASSARI, Italy

E-mail: mgslay@gmail.com  

Tel: +39 328 611 3711