Marco Canova | Painter


Born in 1977, Marco Canova was born in Biella. Trained at the Brera Academy in Milan. It boasts numerous exhibitions in prestigious international galleries. In 2007 he exhibited at the Venice Biennale and subsequently collaborated with the authoritative D ‘Ars Milano Foundation. Later he moved to London where he conquered his own space in the artistic fabric of the city. With experience he matures and perfects a polyvalent stylistic concept that ranges from figuration to urban installations. He currently lives and works between London and Italy.

“Twisted and controversial, feelings fall from the colors of his illuminated and composed paintings. Few words, just like his being. An explosive impact.”

Grazia Chiesa

Main exhibitions from 2000 to 2007

Biella Lanificio Pria
Studio D’ars fondazione D’ars Milano
Ferrara Galleria 9 colonne
Bologna Galleria 9 colonne
Trento Museo Caproni
La Spezia Galleria 9 colonne
Venezia padiglione Italia 13×17 (biennale Venezia) Daverio
Sansepolcro omaggio Piero della Francesca
Innsbruk Galleria nazionale


13x 17 ( Daverio, Blanchard)
1000 artisti a palazzo
50 ° D’ars

2012: ‘’Streets Graffiti Area’’ London (east) + Solo EXB ’’Brick Lane Market’’ permanent
2011: Villa Adriana Roma Exb paint+istallation
2010: Installation Paint VideoWater ‘’Magnificat’’ D’arsFoundation + Chiostro Bernini Via S.Agnese Milano
2009: M&D Gallery Milan Cooperation exb.
2008: ‘’Solo exb Paint’’. D’ars Foundation .Milan
2007: Installation ‘’Gold be Gold’’ D’Ars Foundation Milan



Studio: Casale Molino 1 Graglia (Bi ), Italy

Mobile: +39 349 1831310

Instagram: circus.canova