Gigi Piana | Visual Artist


Visual artist, with experience in the areas of installation, performance and video.

Priority use of the video medium, both for what concerns installation that performance, usually using the direct shooting. Over the years he has carried out his own research by creating a unique personal language that is expressed through the use of transparent materials, red wires, written: minimum elements, both in the work on the wall in performance and site-specific installations. In the last period of his art it has evolved in relation to the Biella textile tradition with the use of weaving fabrics of plastic materials as their own dress code.

He lives and works in Turin and Biella.

gigi piana
gigi piana


“Archaeology Futura” by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Gabriele Boccacini for the Biennale of Young Artists “BIG 2000 ‘(Turin); installation” mirror “as part of” BIG 2000 “(Caraglio, Cuneo),” Village global “(Valletta, Malta) 2002;” The Walls of Solitude “Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella) 2002;” Gemini Muse “(Biella) 2003;” 100 times Stalker “(Glasgow, England) 2004;” Food Design ” (Torino) 2004; “Gemini Muse” (Roman, Romania) 2004; “Art Luggage” (Catania), 2007; “13×17” Pavilion Italy (Venice and other locations: Naples, Biella, Pescara, Palermo, Bologna, Rome) 2007-08; “Daily” (Padua), 2007; “13×17” Venice Biennale (Bologna) 2012; “The Others” (Turin), 2013-14; “Setup Art Fair” (Bologna) 2013-14-15; “t_essere_territorio” installation-performance 1,900 meters with Gabriella Maiorino (Netherlands), edited by Ewa Gleisner (Lake Mucrone, Biella); “SWAB” Barcelona (Spain) 2015.

Personal exhibits

“So far” (Villa Schneider, Biella), 2002; “The Court of Art” (Andorno, Biella), 2004; “Reports A2”, staff with Luciano Pivotto (Officine CAOS, Torino) 2007; “BI-BOX1”, opening space BI-BOx (Biella), 2011; “Invasions”, 6 personal confrontation (former Palace ENEL – BI-BOx, Biella), 2013; “Intrecci_in_tessuti (BI-BOx, Biella), 2014; “Ricerca_d_identità” (Paola Meliga Gallery, Torino) 2015; “Ricerca_d_identità” (Adiacenze caravans SetUp, Bologna) 2015.

It ‘was edited among others by Antonio Arevalo, Guido Bartorelli, Philippe Daverio, Irene Finiguerra, Olga Gambari, Teresa Iannotta, Marina Mojana, Stefania Schiavon, Angela Vettese, Alessia Locatelli, Alice Zannoni.

He collaborated with Michelangelo Pistoletto Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella) 1997-2004.

He works regularly as a performer with the theater group from Turin “Stalker Theatre” since 1997, with experience in Italy and abroad (France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Israel, England, Malta). He has made the company co-productions with national and international: Akademia Ruchu (Poland), Gabriella Maiorino (Netherlands), Ex Nihilo (France), Scene Plastyczna (Poland), Eugenio Barba (Denmark), Remondi & Caporossi (Italy), Pierre Byland (France ), Marigia Maggipinto (Italy).

He cared for the City of Biella the installation of the permanent exhibition “Space of Memory” in the underground spaces of Villa Schneider, dedicated to the memory of the Nazi-Fascist occupation villa, used as a place of torture, interrogation and deportation.

He has collaborated with several artists, including visual artist Laura Head, with which since 2000 performs installations and performances; Italian choreographer, resident in the Netherlands, Gabriella Maiorino; Indian artist Rabindra Patra. From 2014 he collaborates continuously with the Polish photographer Ewa Gleisner.

It performs artistic collaborations with companies and individuals: “deep web”, installation for the advertising campaign “Filrus” (Italy), 2012; “People – numbers – bank”, installation for the cover of the book “WelcomeBank”, Napolitano and Visconti, Egea Editions (Milan) 2011.

He founded in 2000 with Stefano Bosco, Laura Head, Toni Spanedda, Dear Aurelio and Maria Bruni group RAIII which it performs performative experiences to address multimedia (Internet use, live television, creation of format).

He collaborates with the Faculty of Philosophy of Turin, on trials relating to the visual perception. Teacher of Camera and Video editing at the “Albe Steiner” in Turin, specialization Audiovisual.

And ‘President of the Cine Club Biella “Electric Sheep”.

He works as a director and videographer for entities including “Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation” (Biella), “Museum of the Territory of Biella“, etc.

Participates with several videos at international festivals with the film “Closer” made Beppe Anderi, attended by Michelangelo Pistoletto, sold and passed on to Universal Studio “Torino Film Festival” 1999 “Archipelago” Rome, “Visions Italian “Bologna,” Bellaria Film Festival “and the video” Steps northwest ’98, ’99, ’00, ’03 “made with Alessandro Amaducci, Beppe Anderi and Barbara Rossi.

Performs records video with television appearances on RAI Art. In 2004, he invited to participate as “Torino Film Festival” and the “Rome Film Festival” with the documentary “Journey to the silence of the time” (interview with Alexander Sokurov). In 2006, he realized with Fabio Pettirino the documentary “the Mirror Worlds” produced by Love Difference / Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation, the Piedmont Region, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella.

Care with Grazia Paganelli and Joseph Gariazzo the exhibition and the catalog “Cinemadisvolta” for Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation in 2005, the same care with the first edition of the “International Competition of VideoTales” Cittadellarte in 2008.

He plays roles as an actor in film productions with directors: Cristina Andreone “Password” 1997; Beppe Anderi “Journey in the city paper” 2001 “no-profit” in 2002; Cocytus and Shepherd “As fossil cristallzzati over time” in 2000; Corso Salani “Cases of life” 2009; Dario Argento’s “Dracula 3D” 2012.


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