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Fabrizio Nieddu – Tattoo


It born in 1980 in a small village in Sardinia, in the province of Oristano Simaxis. From the age of 12 years he cultivates an intense passion for tattoo and thanks to the friendship and the advice of an old tattoo artist “Franco” start small tattoo designs on himself and then on friends. From that moment begins a journey, an experience constructed through the knowledge of many other tatuaori, from which, as every one of them takes a transfer of experience, techniques and style, thereby increasing more and more his passion thus going to improve and forge his way of tattooing, with unique characteristics. In 2011 realizes his dream, opening his own studio “Black Line” in Biella, the city where he lives and works.


Via cerino zegna n.4 – Biella

+39 334 809 0295 

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