ELIART – Elisa Vitale | Painter | Materic & Abstract Art


Elisa plays with colours, paint, and materials since she was a child. Her work is both irregular and ordered as life is. She construct her pieces by layering and combining colours and different materials as plaster and resin.
She fascinated by the natural elements and their colour tones: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Sky and metallic shades. She loves circles too as example of perfection in the Universe.

​The very nature of life is a flux, is change, a continuous cycle of transformation. If we can find equilibrium within these energies then we experience harmonious and healthful living.

Each painting is an element of harmony, emotional expression of a precise moment always changing as life experience is for all of us.


•   PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery – presso Atahotels EXPO Fiera – “Milano Arte&Design Week” – MILANO – 2018

•   ARTBOX Project presso STRICOFF ART GALLERY – NEW YORK – 2018

•   Fondazione Mazzoleni – “Woman in art” – BERGAMO – 2018

•   ARTBOX.Project – MIAMI – 2016

•   Fondazione Mazzoleni presso JW MARRIOTT VENICE RESORT AND SPA – “Il Cinema nell’arte – VENEZIA – 2016



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