Daniele Masier


My biography isn’t that of an artist. I was born on Jenuary 24 and I’m from Treviso.
I approached to art in an attive way towards the end of 1990s when, i don’t remember where, i saw a picture of Sri Yantra.
Immediately I was fascinated by the position of the triangles in vertical direction so I tried to combine them to stars. The first I did was the eight-point one.
The instruments that I use for my art are the most simple, that is both a limit and both an advantage ’cause I can realize what I want. My intent is to represent in symmetry the principal geometric form and I like to compare the number contained in the space unit to the numer of notes that a guitarist proganes in the unit of time.


Email danielemasier76@gmail.com   

Mobile +39 340 54 91 571