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Ironmanbronze_6_MD - Daniele Basso
Ironman Bronze

First monument dedicated to Iron Man in the year of his cinematographic death, in reality he wants to celebrate the Tony Starks man who gives his enormous fortunes the bottom to fight in the ideals he believes in… remembering that we are the protagonists of our era. That the future of humanity depends on our decisions. That all of us must be heroes!

Year 2020
Size and material
27×42, h45 cm – White bronze mirror finished by hands – Edition of 5 + 2 P.A.

Les Plis de la Vie

Les Plis de la Vie

The edge, physical expression of discontinuity, is the universal symbol of change, which through the repetition of small and big crises transforms the end into a new beginning. Unique concrete tool that nature has allowed us to evolve. But we need great awareness to overcome the limits. A scream against the sky releases our life energy. Everything changed. The crisis has passed. At that moment we have grown and with us the whole of humanity. Reflections in the mirror we discover that we are humanity! The future is in the hands of each of us.

Year 2013
Size and material 54×58 cm, h210cm – 50 kg about – Stainless Steel mirror finished by hands – Edition of 5 + 2 P.A.


A noble and powerful figure effortlessly gliding in the air, owning the sky, high above reality… This is the Hawk of Achill, inspired by an ancient Celtic myth, a guide leading to love for man and nature, a symbol of enlightenment, creativity, truth and experience connecting us to the spiritual world…

I see it as the embodiment of the power to glance at things from afar, from above, while still being able to pore on details closely and swooping in on meaningful matter when required. It represents freedom from any conditioning in the ability to assess, the courage to enact principles and beliefs,   always doing what is right for us in any condition, even in the most difficult and complex situations, in order to solve any problems fast and accurately with no shortsighted doubts and uncertainties, managing our own value and life in absolute freedom and in harmony with the world.

Year 2015
Size and material 95×150 cm, h115cm / Stainless steel mirror finished


Open – 18.International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations / Venice

Simultaneously to:

56.Internatinal Exhibition of Art – La Biennale di Venezia

72.Venice International Film Festival – La Biennale di Venezia


Thirst-quenching as ice, a precious mirroring diamond surrounds Contour with eternity. The iconic Coca-Cola bottle made of more than 200 recycled aluminum cans… Twists and turns, lights and shadows move around disclosing the many faces of reality. It is the Coca-Cola World that comes to life with all of us reflecting in it. Passion, happiness and enthusiasm flooding the Earth with smiles! 100 years of history. Everywhere in the world. United as parts of the same Mankind.

“Coke It’s Me” is Coca-Cola’s tangible THANK-YOU from Italy to the entire world, made real by the sustainable art of an Italian artist. Thank you to everybody for our success and your warm affection. To all of us that everyday choose it and virtually are Coca-Cola.

Year 2015
Size and material  ⌀ 60 cm – h 185 cm / Stainless steel mirror finished

Expo Milan 2015 / Coca Cola Pavillion / Milan

Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna e Contemporanea / Rome

World of Coca Cola Museum  / Atlanta


This work of art, entirely made out of steel, is an interpretation of the logo of the Alpine Ski World Cup Alta Badia, and stands as an eternal symbol of our land, famous all over the world. It is a witness to a dream which has come true, a dream which tends toward the future. Located at the start of the Gran Risa, a truly perfect slope for all skiing enthusiasts, it showcases the magic of Piz La Ila. Here you can feel like the champions who battle down this slope year after year. It‘s where the dream began back in 1985.

A perfect snapshot of the beauty of Alta Badia and the skiing competition that made it famous. Brought that a site to life through light enhances the Dolomites environment, world heritage site of UNESCO and of mankind. The sculpture is mimetic and elusive, immense and bright. It perfectly expresses both the sense of discretion and vivid imagination of the people from Alta Badia. It is the celebration, through skiing, of Mankind and the values that sports stand for. A celebration of courage, determination and talent which combined with passion gives meaning to life. An eternal reminder that people are always at the heart of any success. That we are always at the heart of it all. With our dreams and emotions!

Year 2015

Size and material 5×5 – h 6,5 mt /Stainless Steel Mirror finish by hands


30th Anniversary Ski World Cup Alta Badia – Dolomites, Piz la Ila – Gran Risa – La Villa – Alta Badia

Tempus Angulare
Tempus Angulare

This work represents an occasion to ponder upon and investigate transcendency through the language of Art, Design and new metalwork techniques. It is a thought of change and revolution. The idea and symbol of Christ as a milestone overlaps the concept and metaphor of Time. In a moment of crisis, when we are thrown into the fray and deprived of benchmark figures, we can start by signs and symbols to rebuild a new tomorrow. It represents a starting point for an outward journey to reach a new frontier land through the values of the respect for life, brotherhood and equality. It is a message of hope, an invitation to faith in a larger sense, not necessarily to believe in the establishment, but certainly in mankind and life.

Year 2013

Size and material 95×30 – h 126 cm /fiberglass and Stainless Steel Mirror finish by hands


University of Seraphicum – Vatican City / Rome

Private Collection / Atlanta