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Daniele Basso

“In the mirror we are all alike, all suspended between dream and reality. Beyond their function, my mirroring artworks are reflections on the contemporary. Unfinished thoughts longing for a personal meaning….”.

Daniele Basso is an Italian sculptor well known for his mirror finish metal works, which search and investigate the deeper meaning of things. His works are messages and reflections that lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and help in the search for a collective and individual identity. Daniele participated three times to the Biennale d’Arte di Venezia with personal exhibits and works on display in several corners of the world, including Carrousel du Louvre (Paris)Seraphicum University (Vatican City)Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna di Roma (GNAM), Expo 2015 (Milan), World of Coca Cola (Atlanta), Museo Officine della Scrittura (Turin), Museo del Parco (Portofino), in the collections of Meneghetti Foundation and Boga Foundation (Lugano), and in various galleries in New York, Dubai, Saint Petersburg, Monte-Carlo, Forte dei Marmi,  Lugano, Milan, Turin and Bologna. In 2015 he completed the works “Coke Its Me” (The Coca-Cola Company) and Gigant (SWC Alta Badia – Unesco Park Dolomites). In 2016 the monument “Aquamantio” (MOSCA1916) in Bialla, in Piazza della Biblioteca. In 2017 he worked with curator Ermanno Tedeschi  and was awarded the prizes Casa Sanremo Award (67° Sanremo Festival), he completed the work “Il Cavallino” for Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, he worked with Star Team Monaco and H.S:H. Alberto II, Prince of Monaco, he was awarded trophies for Inter Football Club and for the collaboration with Italian ski champion Max Blardone  at the charity project “In pista per Amatrice“. In 2018 the collaborations with the curator Matteo Graniti, with Galleria Ferrero in Ivrea and Hysteria Art Gallery in Milan; the exhibitions “La Vespa nella Storia” at M.A.C.I.S.T. Biella, “Unforgettable Childwood” in Matera, at the National Museum of Ravenna and at the Tel Aviv Artist House, the solo in Azimut Capital Management Rome and the sculpture “In Fila Per Uno” in the exhibition “Ricordi Futuri 4.0” at the Holocaust Memorial of Milan curated by Ermanno Tedeschi. In 2019 the he is the Main Artist at the Teatro del Silenzio, creating the stage of the show “Ali di Libertà” by Andrea Bocelli, artistic director Alberto Bartalini and directed by Luca Tomassini.

Since 2006 he has been working with several national and international architecture firms on competitons, large-scale public works projects and private clients, including art installations in Bologna Railway Station and Expo Dubai 2020, uban renewal of Prato’s City Park, the competition for the Holocaust Memorial in Bologna, urban renewal of the Borgo di Biella Piazzo and a candidature for the project Gran Paris Express.

“In the eternal steel of my mirroring works we find our individual and cultural identity. We discover ourselves as protagonists and interpreters of the whole Humanity, which in the symbols reflects its messages and builds the future. We are free to choose and fly beyond all limits”.


Art, Fashion and Design in mirror-like steel works by   Daniele Basso

Looking in the mirror is an age-old innate gesture, an intimate moment which conveys getting ready before making the scene, whether on stage or in society. Surrounded by a familiar setting, when we look in the mirror we make up the look we want to show.

The Mirror is a simple object found in all cultures, unchanged over time yet  rich in contents as well as symbolically and emotionally charged. It refers to our cultural identity, the focus on imagination in both industry and society, our ethics and responsibility in making our own future as we wish it to be. It is also a Made-in-Italy concept statement through Fashion and Design, a reflective tool for true reflection on beauty, Art and creativeness, essential qualities to make a better future, thus becoming an ideal instrument to overcome limits and cultural boundaries which dry up human relationships.

We are all the same in front of a mirror, driven towards an  eerie unsubstantial dimension suspended between dream and reality, a metaphor of contemporary society confronted with its own wishes and seeking the new meaning of life.


“…The mirrored surfaces of my works are space-time cracks where the soul of objects becomes a message. Beyond their tangible function, they are reflections about modernity, unfinished thoughts to be completed by finding our own meaning…”

“…to the extreme, the crack allows the environment to coexist with our inner dimension at a glance. A fourth dimension where the stillness of signs is opposed to the ever-moving world, where the universal value of concepts survives the indifference of time going by…”

“… just like memory, that matches words and concepts with faces, my portraits imbue faces with the power of ideas and the results achieved by the subjects, conveying their full emotions …”


“…through light, folds are the embodiment of change, movement, life itself. They collect stories, experiences and events that make up reality as we know it. A metaphor of crises turning into opportunities, unveiling the many facets of reality, which appears as one, but is actually manifold”.

“…They use the modern language of new digital technologies and the Net to reveal the emotional instability of contemporary society… they represent the search for our identity and place in the world!…”

“…By describing individuals and objects via the folds of life running through them, they become both unique and iconic,  an expression of a precise construction of the self, as we are before a mirror, where we take it upon ourselves to become protagonists… connected by our awareness that our happiness does not rely on events, yet our reaction to them!”

Daniele Basso

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20190725 (GranitiI)_MG_20190725_205724
20190725 (GranitiI)_MG_20190725_205724
Bimbo_Faber (ph Matteo Zin)_0012 (1)
Bimbo_Faber (ph Matteo Zin)_0012 (1)
Diva&Donna (366)_MD
Diva&Donna (366)_MD
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ReLeone_Shooting (15)_HD

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