Dalila Lazzarini | Illustrator


My name is Dalila Lazzarini and I was born in Viareggio. I consider myself a dreamer and I think it was no accident that I received the gift of being able to draw. My working tool is the pencil, with which I create on paper, in a suspended dimension, my dreamlike and sometimes surreal works. I have always loved reading fairy tales and stories for children, and my passion for illustration blossoms after my transfer to Rome, a city that gave me the opportunity to exhibit in exhibitions and events and where I was able to make my works known to the public. My studio, which I share with a cat named Yuma, is animated in every corner by books, pencils, frames, sheets and of course by the different framed characters I invent. One of them, representing a black and white girl, with a nice face and with her hair in two very long braids, inspired me so much to want to give her a story. For fun, in fact, after drawing it, I began to write something about her, and today, that since that day have passed two years, those two lines of ink, have magically become a long fairy tale for children, close to publication, and which I will of course illustrate with my own hands.                          


email dalila.lazzarini@gmail.com     
telefono: +39 338 239 8022