Alessandro Compagnin

Alessandro Compagnin | Visual Artist

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things”.

This is what Oscar Wilde wrote in the Preface of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, a book where art in all its forms – painting, in particular – predominates. A true artist is able to create beautiful things with simple materials: that’s what Alessandro Compagnin does with fibreglass, which he moulds to give shape to little contemporary marvels.
The interest in such a strange material, which was only a game when he built his first motorcycle fairing, evolves as time goes by, opening up to a wide range of applications: first of all, design. Colourful and customized chairs and tables start enriching the houses and clubs of his friends and supporters, increasing the interest and admiration for this new artist.

Alessandro has now decided to focus on pictures, by transforming fibreglass into a ‘canvas’ on which he could hand-paint simple forms as well as the faces of his friends, pursuing his will to give substance to everyday life.

The constantly evolving art of Alessandro Compagnin has certainly not found an easy way to express itself. But we all – friends or simple acquaintances – know that he has always been a “black sheep”.


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