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Alberto Sordi | Painter

Alberto Sordi (Alexander 777)


La Spezia 28/08/1959

“My artistic activity began in the 80s with surrealist drawings and paintings; also in this period I create my first collages on paper and cardboard, I compose books with the cut-up technique and experiment with automatic writing. My artistic research is now based on the Kaos principle and takes the form of multi-material visionary collages, obtained from the union of images, gears, relics of mechanisms and found objects, glued on wood or canvas, in which I describe social and spiritual alienation of our age.

I collaborated with short stories, essays and drawings in various Italian and foreign publications.

I win the 2nd Prize of the National Competition “Verses for 45 Laps”, Teleuropa, Rome, 16/12/1989.

In 1991 I publish the book of aphorisms and various thoughts “Lo Ziraq” (Ed. Ellin Selae), in 2015 the prose book “The last hidden lives” (Ed. Limina Mentis).”

Alberto Sordi

Solo exhibitions:


 “The Gay Science”, Il Gabbiano Gallery, La Spezia.


 “The Sponsors of Truth”, Arthena, Pozzuolo di Lerici (SP).


 “Collages”, Foyer Salvador Allende Center, La Spezia.

“Visionary Polymaterial Assemblies”, Artisticheria, Florence.


 “Wonderland”, New Copy Center, La Spezia.

 “Borderline”, Vicolo Intherno, La Spezia.


“Global Twilight”, Vicolo Intherno, La Spezia.


Solo exhibition, Famous Club, La Spezia.

“2 Epochs”, Association B 52 / Cut-Up Editions, La Spezia.


“Disorientation”, Ancient Washhouse, Sarzana, La Spezia.

The Tarragon, Sarzana, La Spezia.

“Utopias and Ukronias”, presentation by Mara Borzone and Enrico Formica, Art Café, La Spezia.

“Para Dada”, by Association B-52 / Cut-Up Editions, presentation by Enrico Formica and Fabio Nardini,


 Ricci bookshop, La Spezia.


“Shocking Universes”, curated by Serena Stefani, La Fabbrica Exhibition Space, Santo Stefano, La Spezia.


 “Spaesamento”, Antico Lavatoio, Sarzana, La Spezia.

 Il Dragoncello, Sarzana, La Spezia.

 “Utopie e Ucronie”, presentazione di Mara Borzone ed Enrico Formica, Art Café, La Spezia.

“Para Dada”, a cura di Associazione B-52/ Cut-Up Edizioni, presentazione di Enrico Formica e Fabio Nardini,

 Equilibrio, Libreria Ricci, La Spezia.


“Shocking Universes”, a cura di Serena Stefani, Spazio Espositivo La Fabbrica, Santo Stefano, La Spezia.

Collections from 2015 until today


 Alberto Sordi Collection, exhibition and conference, Cardarelli State Art Lyceum, La Spezia.

 “Mail Art Boxes / Scatole del Tempo”, curated by Alessio Guano, Il Gabbiano Contemporary Art, La Spezia.

“The Eagle Has Landed”, curated by Wojciech Różyński, galeria działań, Warsaw, Poland.

“FluxWayBox”, dentrofuoribiennale-insideoutsidebiennale, Garage N.3, Mestre, Venice.

“there is EYE and EYE”, Il Gabbiano Contemporary Art,  La Spezia.

“Social Wall”, CAMeC, La Spezia.

“Tongue of Angels”, KunstEtagenPankow Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

“Missing Link”, KunstRaum Ko, Berlin, Germany.


“there is EYE and EYE”,  Mandralisca Museum, Cefalù.

“Let’s face it § secondo – City Artists to the Museum”, CAMeC, La Spezia.

“Underarm”, curated by Rossana Bucci e Oronzo Liuzzi, Museum of the City and the Territory, Corato (BA).


“The Eagle has landed: APOLLO 11 –  next step”, Ausstellungszentrum Pyramide Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

“The Future?… in 100 years”, Bara’s Pub, Delebio (SO)

La dEriva Art Space, Colico (LC)

Artestudio, Ponte Nossa (BG).

“Italian Vanity Art Exhibition”, Gallery of Light, Dubai.

“Generations 2” – The artists of the city in comparison, CAMeC, La Spezia.

“First Postal Art Biennial in Venice”,  Tibet Pavilion, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice.


“The Cage”, Il Gabbiano Contemporary Art , La Spezia

Gennai Studio Contemporary Art, Pisa.

“ Active Marginal / 70 Ryosuke Cohen”, curated by Sandro Bongiani,  Ophen Virtual Art Gallery Space, Salerno.

“Art in pieces”, curated by Enrico Formica, LAS Exhibition Space, La Spezia.

“Be-stià-ry”, San Lorenzo Art, Poppi, Arezzo.

“Arcana Major”, curated by Mario Manzoni Sala, Saronno.


“Necktie”, Gennai Studio, Pisa.

“Ernesto Terlizzi – From Matera to Matera”, TEKLA Agency,  Ingegno Locality, Sarno.

“IN Miniature (Small solutions for big problems),  curated by Vittore Baroni, Dada Boom, Viareggio (LU).


“Oxygen!”, Virtual Expo Gurubu Garage 77, curated by Gabi Minedi, Rome.

“Together we are one!”, Swissartexpo, Zurich, Swiss.

“Exhibition of the Redeemer”, Venice Art Gallery, Venice.

“Art in Venice in August”, Venice Art Gallery, Venice.

“CAI 20”,  curated by Gianpaolo Coronas, MACA Contemporary Art Museum, Anagni, FR.

“Art and Fashion IV”, curated by Federico Caloi,  Arcadia Art Gallery, Milan.


“The Amazon must live”, curated by Ruggero Maggi, Diotti Museum, Casalmaggiore (CR).

“If you ever come back to see the sweet plan”, Borgogna Museum, Vercelli.

“Dante’s modernity 700 years after the poet’s death”, Sarzana Town Hall, Sarzana (SP).

“In the middle of the walked…” Caffè al Volo, La Spezia.

“ Dante’s Hell”, Artheka 32, Ostia Lido (Rome).

“Dante… to see the stars again”,  Central Post Office Monza (MB).

“Art and Fashion VI”,  curated by Federico Caloi,  Arcadia Art Gallery, Milan.

“Looking to the Past, building the Future”, Gennai Studio, Pisa.

“CAI 21”,  curated by Gianpaolo Coronas, Bourbon Military District, Casagiove (CE).

 “Love that moves the sun and the other stars”, curated by Gianpaolo Coronas, Telese Spa, Telese (BN).

“Random Thoughs”, curated by Beatriz Albuquerque, The Wrong Biennale, Window Museum, Oporto, Portugal.

They wrote about me

Vittore Baroni, Mara Borzone, Lucio Caracciolo, Mauro Carrera, Luciana Cataldo, Olivia Cozzani, Valerio Cremolini, Grazia De Palma, Franco Del Moro, Gianni Donaudi, Enrico Formica, Raffaella Fontanarossa Francesca Giovanelli, John Held Jr., Young Jay Lee, Fabrizio Legger, Neros, Giovanna Riu, Rosaria Talbi


Via Dalmazia, 5
19124 – La Spezia
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