Antonello Frau | Leather Processing


Despite my technical studies, since childhood I was fascinated by any form of artistic expression. I am dedicated to painting and sculpture, because I was interested in everything related to the creative process. Then I started to experiment in areas that could reconcile my technical training with my passions, first watchmaking.

Thanks to watchmaking I found an opportunity to get interested in another area: during the time when I made customized straps I started to love leather working, and from there everything was easy. Before long I started to produce finished accessories and completely handmade, from cutting to sewing, trying to get better and better, comparing them from time to time with my limits and trying to overcome them.

The obstacles and difficulties are not lacking, but thanks to my perseverance, I always found a way to carry on. What I made today is definitely an important point of arrival, but don’t consider it a certain goal. What guides me and inspires me to continue on my way is the taste for experimentation and innovation of shapes and materials, in order to have something always new and nonpareil, that I can call “just mine”.


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