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Andrea Vogler (Alessandria 1969) self-taught by training, has been active for over a decade. Initially approaching a form of photorealistic naturalism, subsequently his investigation turns to a more loose and less guarded pictorial gesture, crossing a certain tendency to minimalism with an ever-present reference to tradition. Open to the most modern influences of contemporary figuration (Freud, Tuymans, Sasnal), his language continually oscillates between tradition and innovation, reaffirming the centrality of the pictorial act, beyond easy schematisms or theoretical artifices. He has participated in provincial, national and international exhibitions. Lives and works in Alexandria.

"Industries of the  sun" investigates the continuous exchange between image and ideology, understood not as an arbitrary and particular construction, but as an all-encompassing narrative that encompasses every difference and value. It tries to show how the image in its now desymbolized and infinitely available aspect is forced at every step to confront a reality in which its symbolic or didactic function dissolves in an inventory of autonomous signs, in their own right, which refract continuously existing in ever new and contradictory codes. If the artistic act, whatever it may be, cannot draw on any declared truth, the subjective commitment remains to remain in a question of meaning, in the renunciation of the rampant version that sees the old problem of the relationship between reality and illusion overcome in favor of unlimited virtual replication or which ultimately assigns to art a function of pure inventory, of fake catharsis on the part of a mutilated subject unable to retaliate in any way against a reality assumed as pure data and therefore unchangeable.


Viaggio nel corpo contemporaneo (Tortona 2006)
Viaggio al termine del paesaggio (Tortona 2007)
Genius Loci (Tortona 2008)
One (Galleria Alexander Alvarez, Alessandria 2008)
Out of wall (Galleria Promenade, Tirana 2010)
Il mito del vero (Palazzo Durini Milano 2011)
Premio nazionale di pittura “Romano Reviglio” (Cherasco 2013)
Liquid rooms (Venezia 2015)
Industrie de sole (2019) Lab 51 Alessandria
House Gallery (2021)
Attraverso .Onart Gallery (2021) Firenze


Andrea Vogler

Viale Teresa Michel 26/19

15121 Alessandria


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