Alex Zanuto | Musician Singer-Songwriter


Alex Zanuto was born in Biella (Italy) on June 10, 1971.

At the age of 16, during the high school years, thanks to the deep friendship with another musician (Massimo Siviero), the passion for music turns into a creative vein.

The two give life to the Ramadama, a singer-songwriter group that touches on the most burning and delicate themes of society in the 80s.

With this line-up, where Alex Zanuto is the lyricist and bassist, he achieves a national success with the recording of a record (mirror of the times) and a tour after the victory of the Ariccia festival (Rome).

After a few years of various collaborations and study, he discovered, with great surprise, the predisposition for singing and began to compose autobiographical and intimate pieces.

Soon the release of his new work that will be available on all platforms.



Cell   +39 3486901328


instagram   @alexzanuto